Sunday, July 12, 2009

We've received pictures of our newest granddaughter. The kids settled on the name Eden Rose. I really think it is a beautiful name ... but I'll still call her Juliette ~ it's my perogative ... I AM the grandmother afterall!

In my art I have finally crossed the artistic hurdle of 4x4 chunky pages. I get it! How funny that it took me so long to be able to make a slightly-larger-than-an-ATC piece of art! I'm getting better at doing layers, although I have been drawing my ATCs more and more. My drawing seems to be more "cartoony" than realistic, but I am enjoying it.

I was in a "Skellie" swap recently and started getting all creative with the skeletons. I've been doing more and more. They make Phil and I laugh. Apparently, the girls at ATCsForAll laugh too. Since "laughter is the best medicine" I've become a laughter pharmacist ...

Lesson I've learned this week: Customers are NOT always right, but I must make them feel as though they are. Even when they are old hags.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Baby is Here!!!

My Jessica had her 4th baby this morning!! Healthy little girl. 6:50am, 7 lbs 4 oz, 21.5 inches long. No name ... can you believe it? no name ... I think Juliette would be a good name!! LOL

I'm hoping for a picture ~ at least on my cell phone! ~ soon! :)

Baby on the way ...

My darling daughter called about 11:45pm ... water broke ... they're at the hospital now. Granddaughter #4 is on her way!!!

I still keep telling her that Juliette would be a wonderful name. She doesn't seem to agree with me ... ah the independence of our children.

I'm so proud of her. My daughter is a great mother. She has embraced the role with her whole being. I fought it. Thank goodness that Phil was here to be the daddy. He was the best role model for our children, and they've both gone forth and become good people.