Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Sometimes people just don't understand the impact of their actions on others.

An employee TELLS us she is taking next week off because they won a cruise- AFTER the schedule is posted and we already have 3 people on vacation! I will be gone, my team will be working overtime - and working HARD - to cover for this. I just want to scream at her, which I cannot do. How inconsiderate. How rude. How ... how .... how .. damned inconsiderate!

Time to hire about 3 new part-timers. Time to let her go do whatever it is that her husband wants her to do.

sidenote: I have NEVER heard of someone winning a trip that they could only take if they leave in 5 days. What a crock of bull. If you want to work something out, then talk to me ... but do not LIE to me ...

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