Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm shrinking

I am on a mission to organize the closets! I have been going through my closet (one down, two to go) and trying on all my clothes. I have been losing weight and have shrunk out of a ton of my clothes. I have a huge pile started already. I'll be taking most to the store and offering them up to my employees. The rest I'll take over to the South Puget Sound Community College for their Women's work program. Helen ~ my sister ~ gets first pick. My god I have a ton of clothes. It's rather disturbing! I DO manage a women's clothing store, but, holy crap! I have way more clothes than a woman needs!!

I've been losing weight by cutting my carbs. I really am not trying that hard. I just have been NOT eating potatoes or bread (very often). I do read labels, and I drink a lot of Crystal Light. Drinking 1/2 gallon or more of ice tea every day is helping me! I love my Peach ice tea.

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