Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nancy's Home

My friend/cousin is home from Arizona. She is about 6 to 7 weeks later than usual. My goodness how I have missed her! She pulled up in her motorhome and stayed the night.

We took her out to dinner to a nice restaurant that we loved. Unfortunately ... it was the worst service I have had in many years at any place! I was embarrassed. The food was great, but I actually left no tip at all. I was just so disappointed! I don't know that I'll go back. How bizarre that in this economic climate we have recently had two of the worst customer service experiences at local restaurants. Interesting ...

Now that Nanc is back, I'll go haunt her at the Canal. We lived with her for 3 years or so and I just love being on the water. We're going to set up a time for my sister to come down and we'll have a girl's art retreat. I am so looking forward to having my friend home. At least I have someone close by that I can go hang out with.

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