Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Clare's 2 today

Our sweet granddaughter is 2 today (#3 of the 4 girls)... We got a picture emailed (via phone) of her eating her birthday breakfast ... and then one with her birthday lunch ... wearing a birthday party hat.

Phil & I drove up to Dupont and Steilacoom to explore today. Dupont reminded me of Edward Scissorhands, although bigger houses and smaller yards ... I kept expecting to see sculpted topiary ... We stopped at Starbucks and bought Phil a new French Press for his coffee (I say 'his', but he makes it for me too!)

Now we are going to go out to a movie. I think we'll go see Avatar in 3D or maybe Sherlock Holmes ... or ... there are so many good movies out right now!! How is a girl to choose?

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  1. Grandbabies and good coffee...happy things in life!

    Hugs to you!