Saturday, January 2, 2010

I am not a very good journaler/blogger it seems. Hmmm ... maybe that will be my New Year's resolution!

Had a grand and wonderful New Year celebration with my sister and her hubby. We went to Whidby Island. Stayed at Fort Casey in a wonderful turn of the century "officer's house". We did some art and drank and ate and drank and went to the lighthouse and then drank some more and then did some more art and drank some more ... hmmm .... seems like some liquid was consumed! It was beautiful and fun and I just loved it! The Gorgeous blue moon came out and smiled upon us. My sister even got me to walk ... and I liked it! I'm so lazy when I'm not at work!

Hmm.. what has happened in the past few months? Our son got married ... wonderful, small, intimate ceremony at the Oregon coast. Our new daughter-in-law is adorable. She is a pre-school teacher and just ... wonderful.

We did a little fundraising within the family to send our nephew to New Zealand ... and it worked! He'll go in March. I'm filled with joy at this!!

Work has been busy ... and then not busy ... and then busy ... we're happy and employed. As Martha Stewart would say, "It's a Good Thing". Sing, dance, sell pants ... not a bad gig!!

I'll try to be more diligent about updating my blog ... This is kinda cool! :O)

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